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Jun 21

Guide to Discovery Canyon in Red Deer!

Discovery Canyon, Red Deer's premier seasonal water park, offers a thrilling escape for water enthusiasts of all ages!

Guide to Discovery Canyon in Red Deer


Address: 3800 River Bend Drive, Red Deer County, AB T4P 0Y4

Discovery Canyon is Red Deer's premier water park nestled along the picturesque Red Deer River. With its natural river-fed water pool, playground area, and exciting amenities, Discovery Canyon offers a thrilling and refreshing escape for visitors of all ages. This comprehensive guide will help you plan and make the most of your visit to this exciting destination. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure at Discovery Canyon!

1. Location and Opening Hours: Discovery Canyon is located in the River Bend Golf and Recreation Area, just 3.5 km north of the 30 Avenue and 67 Street roundabout. The water park operates seasonally, typically opening from June until the September long weekend. Exact opening and closing dates may vary depending on weather conditions. Visitors can enjoy the park's attractions daily from 11 am to 7 pm. Be sure to check their website or contact the park for the exact opening dates as the season approaches.

2. Attractions and Amenities: Discovery Canyon offers a range of attractions and amenities for all ages to enjoy.

  • River-Fed Water Pool: Immerse yourself in the cool, crystal-clear waters of the natural river-fed pool. Swim, splash, and relax as you embrace the refreshing environment.
  • Playground Area: Let the kids unleash their energy at the playground area, complete with interactive structures and equipment for endless fun and entertainment.
  • Concession and Washrooms: Stay fueled and refreshed with the on-site concession, offering a variety of snacks and beverages. Convenient washrooms are also available for your comfort.

3. Tube Usage and Guidelines: To enhance your experience at Discovery Canyon, consider the following guidelines for tube usage:

  • Wristbands: Purchase wristbands for $6.00 to access and use the park's tubes.
  • Bring Your Own Tube (BYOT): If you prefer, you can bring your own tube at no additional charge.
  • Tube Specifications: Tubes used on the rides should be round, without a bottom, and measure between 30 inches to 50 inches in size.

4. Park Regulations and Prohibitions: To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all visitors, Discovery Canyon has the following regulations in place:

  • No Dogs Allowed: For the comfort and safety of all guests, dogs are not permitted within the park.
  • No Motorhomes, Campers, or Trailers: The park does not accommodate motorhomes, campers, or trailers.
  • Use at Your Own Risk: Discovery Canyon does not have lifeguards on duty. Visitors must understand that they use the facility at their own risk.

5. Admission and Payment Options: Admission to Discovery Canyon is free, allowing visitors to enjoy the natural beauty and amenities of the park without an entrance fee. Wristbands for tube usage can be purchased for $6.00. Payments for wristbands, concessions, and other purchases can be made using cash, debit cards, or credit cards.

Discovery Canyon is a must-visit destination in Red Deer, Alberta, offering a thrilling and refreshing water park experience for visitors of all ages. By following this comprehensive guide, you can plan your visit, understand the attractions and guidelines, and make the most of your time at Discovery Canyon. So gather your family and friends, dive into the natural river-fed pool, and create lasting memories at Red Deer's premier water park. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure at Discovery Canyon! Click here to check out their website and learn more! 

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