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Apr 27

Tourism Talk Tuesdays with Sun Sport Recreation

Sun Sport Recreation has been offering high-quality outdoor product rentals and experiences in Central Alberta (Sylvan Lake) since 1998.

Sun Sport Recreation has been offering high-quality outdoor product rentals and experiences in Central Alberta (Sylvan Lake) since 1998. This locally owned and operated business is on a mission to get people outside and enjoying unique outdoor experiences no matter the season.

Sitting on the banks of one of Alberta’s most sought-after lakes is Sun Sport Recreation, conveniently located off Lakeshore Drive, here you will witness lake life at its finest. Their waterfront property is colourfully dotted with paddle boats, motorboats, Sea-Doos, kayaks and all sorts of water gear just waiting to be taken out on the open lake!

This Tourism Red Deer member knows how to make the best of any season, from sun to snow, Sun Sport Recreation offers the best variety of rentals. When the lake freezes over and winterwear replaces those shorts and flip-flops, Sun Sport Recreation transforms from a Beach Bum’s paradise to a Great White North experience.

What makes you different, unique or stand out?

“We are Central Alberta’s premier water and winter recreation company,” says Brennen Wowk, co-owner/operator of Sun Sport Recreation. “We rent motorboats, Sea-Doos, pontoon boats, paddleboards, ice fishing huts, snowshoes, think all things fun for winter or summer.”

Sun Sport Recreation expanded its business into the winter market for the first time in 2020. In the colder months, a myriad of winter-based rentals was offered to locals and visitors to expand their Sylvan Lake experiences year-round. “It was well-received,” says Wowk. “Weekends, like in the summer, were especially popular and we did tend to sell out very quickly.”

Why do you do what you do?

Wowk and his business partner grew up in Red Deer and spent a lot of their free time in Sylvan Lake out on the water. “It’s a fun company to own and operate, how many jobs allow you to spend the day in your board shorts?” laughs Wowk.

Since adding snow pants to his work attire this past winter, Wowk divulged on the demand for year-round outdoor activities in Central Alberta. With the pandemic limiting travel, people began seeking out things to do closer to home.

“Our mission is to offer unique outdoor experiences that help people get outdoors,” says Wowk. “We get excited about helping people create memories, we want them to have a good time and enjoy themselves.”

What can guests (local or visiting) expect to experience?

“This summer people can expect to have fun under the sun!” says Wowk. “Our knowledgeable and fun staff will make sure your rental process is easy and enjoyable from start to finish.”

All renters receive competency training to ensure a level of comfort before taking to the water. Boats are fully stocked with all necessary safety, including life jackets, and water sports gear.

Comprehensive rules, regulations, rentals, and rates can be found on Sun Sport Recreation’s website.

What is new or upcoming?

“Summer fun can be found for families and friends on any of our rentals,” says Wowk. Motorboats have a maximum capacity of 7-11 people and water recreation enthusiasts can tube, kneeboard, wakeboard, and ski behind these faster rentals.

Looking to lounge on the lake and let the world pass you by? Then the pontoon boat would be a good fit and is built for cruising and enjoying the slower paces. Or try out a zippy Sea-Doo and have a fun adventure out on the lake, good for one to two adults or one adult and two small children.

Sun Sport Recreation strives to offer a diverse array of rentals so groups and families of all ages can enjoy adventures out on the lake. Paddle Boat rentals seat two people, Stand Up Paddle Board rentals are designed for individual use and they offer both single and double kayak rental options.

With warmer temperatures ahead of us, thinking of winter might be the furthest thing from our minds. So, while out cruising Sylvan Lake with the warm breeze in your hair and the sun on your face, take a moment to ponder and imagine this natural water playground transformed into a frosty winter wonderland…

With ice fishing hut/shack rentals added to their repertoire, you can now fish for the day or overnight. How about test driving a motorized winter e-bike or e-cart? Or strap on a pair of snowshoes and explore the snowy banks of Sylvan Lake.

For now, enjoy the summertime activities, but be sure to keep Sun Sport Recreation on your radar for the next winter season.

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