Jammin’ it Up at The Alberta Sports Hall of Fame

Pouring Strawberry Jam

Last week I had the good fortune to try my hand at Jam making hosted by The Jungle Farm and The Alberta Sports Hall of Fame. Being a farm girl from Saskatchewan, home preserves were commonplace in our house, berry picking was a family event, and the making jam was a necessity that our mom took pride in.

Mixing Jam while being supervised by Leona

Leona making sure the Jam is mixed right

Having the opportunity to relearn these skills from The Jungle Farm’s expert Leona, was so exciting for me, and the delicious fresh strawberries from their farm were perfect to work with as we started our jam making session. With sanitizer on hand and fully masked, we spent the next few hours taking turns washing, cutting, measuring, stirring and finally pouring our perfected jam into jars. Leona taught us, giving us extra tips along the way that only a seasoned expert could know.

Close up of the Jam goodness

Looks amazing, Yum!

The evening was a lot of fun, and the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame, the perfect venue as it gave plenty of space for social distancing. If you get a chance, don’t hesitate to go down to The Jungle Farm, a century-old family farm, with everything from unique flowerpots to u-pick veggies and fruit. The Jungle Farm has Educational Visits, birthdays parties, jam -making sessions, and don’t forget their Fall family pumpkin season. Thanksgiving is approaching, so get your pumpkins soon and make sure you watch out for them this November as they will be down at the New Farmers Market in Gasoline Alley.




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