One of the ghost statues in Downtown Red Deer on a sunny day


Experience the history and heritage of Red Deer through the downtown walking tours, heritage home tours, and the Red Deer Archives!

Group of mountain bikers hitting the jumps on a beautiful blue sky summer day.
Image of the Red Deer Public Library

Explore Red Deer's Vibrant Past

Explore the rich heritage of our community through captivating heritage tours that reveal the lively narrative of our downtown. Embark on guided journeys through our charming downtown area, where you'll uncover the stories of its inhabitants and the significant landmarks that have contributed to the fabric of our community. Immerse yourself in the history and heritage of our locale with a range of tours, from downtown walking tours to heritage home tours. Alternatively, gather insights from our local heritage experts, ensuring a thorough grasp of our collective heritage. Whichever path you choose, you'll emerge with a profound understanding of our rich heritage.

Bower ponds on a beautiful summer day.

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Oct 12
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