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Weddings & Banquets

Start planning your special day!

A young family enjoying a summer meal at the DNA Gardens in Red Deer.

Weddings & Banquets

Start planning your special day. Aside from being conveniently located between Calgary and Edmonton, Red Deer has many other reasons that make it the perfect location for your special day or event. Our facilities are second to none and provide many different options to you when planning your wedding, banquet, ceremony or other social gathering. You’re likely planning on having guests from various parts of the province, across the country and that cousin who lives around the world to attend your big day. If the usual venue is not for you, find a uniquely charming space in and around Red Deer. Red Deer has several unique and different meeting spaces, event hosting facilities and wedding venues. Whether you’re looking for a stunningly beautiful indoor or outdoor location, the quaint atmosphere of a romantic western ranch, a space surrounded by Alberta sports legends or a venue that’s filled with history and character, Red Deer has the venue for you.

A young family enjoying a summer meal at the DNA Gardens in Red Deer.

Tips of planning a wedding in Red Deer!

While here, you want your guests to enjoy their time in Red Deer. Putting together an arrival package to include prior to and/or upon your guests’ arrival is a cute idea that makes your day that much more special. Here are a few ideas to help out-of-town guests feel like they’ve arrived for a grand occasion:

1. Prior to arrival, send out a list of accommodation resources including Red Deer hotel options and RV & camping options.

2. Upon arrival, include a fun information packet of things to do and see in Red Deer. List the pubs and unique lunch spots recommended during lunch on your wedding day. Mention kid-friendly things to do, a brewery tour, your favourite park, a few of our many museums and the nearest shopping locations. Take a look at our complete list of "Things to do" for some inspiration. As a bonus, it’s wonderful to have a growler of local craft beer waiting with some local munchies in a welcome basket when they arrive!

3. Have a plan for after-hours if your reception is going to end early. For guests wanting to continue the party, send them off to a centralized spot.

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A young family enjoying a summer meal at the DNA Gardens in Red Deer.

Find the perfect space for your Event.

Come and explore over 350,000 square feet of our premier event and meeting spaces. All are waiting for you to add that unique touch or enhancement to create a memorable event experience. Our city hosts numerous events from 10 to 10,000 people and are here to truly to support you and your attendees. Red Deer offers the same sophisticated and innovated spaces that you will find in other destinations. So take a moment and see why planners select these partners time and time again for their event.

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