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Meetings & Conventions

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A young family enjoying a summer meal at the DNA Gardens in Red Deer.

Meetings & Conventions

Red Deer's central location proves advantageous for organizations with memberships dispersed throughout the province, but that is just one of the many factors contributing to the region's appeal as a prime destination for tradeshows, meetings, and conventions. The city's success as a host destination can be attributed to excellent meeting facilities offered at competitive rates, a plentiful supply of affordable accommodations, and the warm hospitality characteristic of the western region. Located in Central Alberta, the province's activity hub, Red Deer boasts plenty of great attractions that attendees can explore during their leisure time. Moreover, our city prides itself on providing outstanding hosting venues with extensive experience, making it the perfect choice for your upcoming meeting or convention. With over 350,000 square feet of premier event and meeting spaces awaiting your unique touch, you have the opportunity to create a truly memorable event experience. Whether your event involves 10 or 10,000 people, our city has a proven track record of hosting successful gatherings and is fully committed to supporting you and your attendees. In Red Deer, you will find sophisticated and innovative spaces comparable to those in other renowned destinations. Take a moment to discover why event planners repeatedly choose these trusted partners for their occasions.

A young family enjoying a summer meal at the DNA Gardens in Red Deer.

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A young family enjoying a summer meal at the DNA Gardens in Red Deer.

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Come and explore over 350,000 square feet of our premier event and meeting spaces. All are waiting for you to add that unique touch or enhancement to create a memorable event experience. Our city hosts numerous events from 10 to 10,000 people and are here to truly to support you and your attendees. Red Deer offers the same sophisticated and innovated spaces that you will find in other destinations. So take a moment and see why planners select these partners time and time again for their event.

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