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Jun 24

Member Spotlight | Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse

Check out our Membership Spotlight on Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse!

Membership Spotlight | Pampa Steakhouse Red Deer  

Find out what makes Pampa Steakhouse in Red Deer one of Red Deer’s most popular new restaurants. From amazing food, cool drinks, and delicious salad bars to a new patio. We interviewed the General manager, Ricardo Zanona below:  

1. Tell us about your company.  

We are an authentic Southern Brazilian Restaurant, specializing in the Steakhouse concept known as Rodizio. We have been in business since 2011 in Alberta, 2019 in Red Deer, and 2015 in Calgary. We currently employ close to 100 staff from over a dozen different countries and we value diversity. We are Alberta's first and largest Brazilian steakhouse concept and we have served over a million kilograms of beef, muddled over 500,000 caipirinhas, and served over a Million guests.

2. What makes you different, unique, or stand out?  

Pampa's service style is unique to the Brazilian-style steakhouse experience, we call it Rodizio. This means that we offer a fixed-priced dining concept whereby guests can try a wide variety of food from salads to hot dishes to ten cuts of meat from our Brazilian rotisserie grills and caramelized pineapple. We offer a unique beverage program showcasing local beers from Red Deer, cocktails, and wines rarely found in most dining establishments. Southern Brazilians are very proud of their heritage, culinary, and beef production. People who live there are known as “Gauchos” (cowboys). That is why we knew that bringing Pampa to the Prairies would be a great fit, as we are also extremely proud of our Alberta Beef and heritage. We share similar values.

3. Why do you do what you do?  

We are passionate about our cultural Gaucho roots from Rio Grande do Sul and want to share them with Albertans alike. It is important to us to share the Southern Brazilian culture through food and drink as well as language. The name Pampa refers to the extensive grassy plains of southern South America, covering 750,000sq/km. Pampa means Prairies. We believe we have an excellent product; our food and service are unique and very tasty! Albertans deserve a great meal.  

4. What can guests (local or visiting) expect to experience?  

Our guests can expect to be transported to Southern Brazil while at Pampa. We provide the most authentic Southern Brazilian dining experience in Alberta, helping to immerse guests and their taste buds in a Brazilian culinary adventure.  

5. What is new or upcoming?

Pampa Steakhouse in Red Deer now has a new patio, and it is open for the summer. We also have recently launched a new a la carte menu. Pampa Red Deer has ongoing promotions to invite new guests to try us out.  

For more information, check out their website and make sure to add Pampa’s Steakhouse to your must-try list.  

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