Family ordering drinks from the Troubled Monk booth
Aug 28

Celebrating Gasoline Alley’s Indoor Farmers Market with #ColleenOnTheScene

What a great weekend, music, bouncy castles,face painting, buskers, cotton candy, puppies/kittens, Alpacas and even a dunktank...

Last weekend, I took part in the Grand Opening Celebration of the Gasoline Alley's Indoor Farmers market.  What a great weekend, music, bouncy castles, face painting, buskers, cotton candy, puppies/kittens, Alpacas and even a dunk tank were just a few of the fun things going on in and outside of the market.

I had the immense pleasure of working alongside Emma, from Could Chuck Wood, a wonderful young lady who took the time to promote all the fantastic businesses located inside the market who had participated in the Wheel of Fortune. Customers lined up to spin the wheel for discounts, and she handled it like a pro, even finding time to chuck a few balls (well more than a few) for charity at the dunk tank; let's just say I tanked big time when it came to hitting the target. However, Emma was spot on.

Taco Monster booth serving customers tacos
Colleen on the scene cuddling a small brown puppy
Taco Monster booth serving customers tacos

Paws and Claws were also there with kittens, puppies, and some older dogs ready for adoption. Thinking my Eragon needed a playmate, I almost came home with one young dog, but reality set in (my husband), and I returned home with a growler instead from Craft Beer Commonwealth. We had fun trying out the different brews, from a marshmallow porter to the non-alcoholic Ginger Mint and Lime New level Soda, so delicious. I even had a shot of Birdy's Nitro Cold Brew Coffee on Tap; make sure you try it out next time you're down at the market. It's the perfect caffeine fix.

What's a celebration without food? There was plenty of it, so many choices that I had a tough time choosing. I ended at the market cafe trying out the fish taco at Taco Monster, crispy cod, with slaw and their Monster sauce, "Oh so Good," accompanied by Troubled Monk's refreshingly tasty Ginger Ale soda. Then it was time to go home but not before picking up some takeout, a Sumo, a gluten-free dish made with pork belly, braised beef and roasted chicken from Oishidesu Ramen Shack. I just wished we hadn't shared as I would have loved more; it was so good.

The rest of the weekend was spent checking out the other vendors, with their incredible local products from artisans like Amadaya's Studio to places like Ella's pantry with their handcrafted vanilla and fantastic array of spices.  On Sunday, I had one last go-around at the market, which resulted in some more delicious items. These included a fantastic Cilantro cream dip from Stock and Sauce, Jungle Farm's savoury sauerkraut at the Innisfail's booth, and of course some pre-mixed cocktails from the Fort Distillery, total decadence (just saying).

Will I be back? Most definitely, it's indoor, open year-round and best yet, 80 % of the vendors are Albertans who make, bake, grow and sew the products they sell. The vendors were knowledgeable, helpful and ready to answer all my questions. I missed the Saskatoon wine (my favourite) from Delidais Estate Winery found at DNA Garden. They were sold out, and, sadly, I forgot to pick up some delicious, pickled asparagus from Edgar Farms at the Innisfail Grower's Stall (next time). However, this weekend was the best, and I am so glad I was there to celebrate their Grand Opening Celebrations; it may have been ten months later, but it sure was worth the wait. Thank you, Shauna, Paige, and the vendors at the Gasoline Alley Indoor Farmers Market, you guys were terrific, and I can't wait to visit again.

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