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Troubled Monk has been crafting beverages and proudly serving Red Deer since 2015. With a beverage menu brimming with creative ever-changing recipes and their faithful ‘Full Time Brews’, your only trouble will be deciding which to try first, then next and then next after that…

Conveniently located in the desirable community of Capstone and easily accessible from any point in the city, this Tourism Red Deer member can quench your thirst regardless of age or palate. Growler fills, TM merchandise, craft beers and sodas, cocktails and house spirits Epitaph Gin and Adequate Vodka are all available out of their Taproom or by delivery!

PRO TIP: It might be helpful to know that one could conveniently detour off the nearby trails system to find themselves at Troubled Monk for a much-needed cardio break and refreshment (you’re welcome).

What makes you different, unique or stand out?

“I get excited about building and growing things,” says Charlie Bredo, Co-founder of Troubled Monk, “I guess I am a bit of an entrepreneur in that way.” Proud to call Red Deer home, Charlie and his family decided Red Deer was the best place for them to put down some roots.

“Red Deer has a lot of great things going for it,” says Bredo. “Located halfway between Edmonton and Calgary, it has that small-town feel, but with big-city amenities, a great trail and parks system and a growing cultural scene.”

Bredo alludes to projects he had worked on in the past that seemed to have somewhat finite lives, but Troubled Monk has proven to provide endless opportunities.

“Every week there seems to be something new that gets me excited about growing this business,” says Bredo. “While I do like beer (and the other drinks we make), what truly keeps me going on this path is the passionate people involved and the community that gets excited about what we are offering.”

Putting a smile on someone’s face is a driving force behind this central Alberta entrepreneur. “We might not be able to gather in large groups or visit the beaches of Mexico for a cold Cerveza,” pauses Bredo, “but our Taproom is open for off-sales and our patio can offer a local escape with some refreshing options.”

Why do you do what you do?

Troubled Monk Brewery Tour Kettle

“I get to be around beer all day, what’s better than that?” admits Bredo. “Really, the best part about my job is working with people who love what they do and are passionate about it.” He also highlights visiting with local customers (and those passing through) that stop by for a drink with friends.

People and community are admittedly at the backbone of Troubled Monk’s success. “We are nothing without community,” says Bredo, “the support we have received from the get-go has fueled our growth.”

Being able to build off of community support through the trending craft beer market, restaurants and individuals has played an integral role in their business journey. “Beer is about community and experiences,” says Bredo, “it brings people together, think outdoor barbeques, concert beer gardens or catching up with old friends.”

He admits his enthusiasm for working with people that are better and more passionate about what they do than he is. “They are the Masters of their craft if you will,” says Bredo. “I am not the one brewing the beer or distilling the spirits, that is left to our passionate team, and I enjoy watching them grow and succeed.”

What can guests (local or visiting) expect to experience?

“People are not going to like everything they try, that is ok and expected!” says Bredo. He encourages people to try their different offerings and find something they love that gets them excited about purchasing and consuming it.

“We take a lot of pride in making our beverages,” says Bredo, “we also take a lot of pride in people enjoying their (Troubled Monk) beverages.” Troubled Monk can also be found at the Gasoline Alley Farmers’ Market offering a second location for people shop theirs and many other amazing local products.

When the time allows, they look forward to offering brewery tours again, which offer a behind-the-scenes look at the craft brewing process and of course there is plenty of sampling. “There is something about knowing the story being a brew and developing an appreciation toward the craft that creates a unique experience for people,” says Bredo.

The team at Troubled Monk aims to offer the best service in a welcoming atmosphere and to treat people the best they can. “Craft beer is about comfort, it is not serious or stuffy and neither are we,” says Bredo.

What is new or upcoming?

“An identity is yet to be decided, but we will be adding Whisky to our menu this Spring/Summer,” says Bredo. “For Whisky to be sold in Canada it needs to have been aged at least 3 years.” As of June 2021, Troubled Monk’s Whisky will come of age and be available for a limited time. They believe it to be the first (legal) Whisky created in Red Deer, which is a very exciting achievement for the Troubled Monk team.

“Having such a long wait time on a product that needs time to mature, has been a unique experience,” says Bredo. They hope that patience pays off and will provide an enjoyable taste experience for customers, even if it is for a limited quantity and time.

Finding ways to work within public health restrictions has been a rollercoaster of closures and operational changes for businesses near and far. Creativity and the persistence to adapt have kept places like Troubled Monk open and serving our communities. When the time comes, they look forward to being involved in community events, beer gardens and once again offer tours and tastings for people to sample their products and gather more freely.

Until then, there are plenty of ways to get your hands on some tasty Troubled Monk products. Stop by for a visit and enjoy their beautiful spacious patio for some fresh air and cool refreshments. Shop the Taproom or Gasoline Alley Farmers’ Market locations, or if you just can’t make it out of the house, they have got you covered with delivery right to your door! (see website for delivery areas)

Troubled Monk Hand Sanitizer (80% alc.)

To help Combat COVID-19 and the spread of Coronavirus, Troubled Monk has followed the World Health Organization’s recommended formula to create this Health Canada-approved product, made in Alberta. They strive to provide hand sanitizer at a price affordable for all Canadian businesses. For more information CLICK HERE

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