Tourism Talk Tuesday – The Jungle Farm

One of the staples of central Alberta is the family farm.  While some raise cattle, produce grain or dairy, others like the Jungle Farm, add fruit, vegetables, flowers and memorable experiences!

Let’s introduce you to Leona and Blaine Staples the owners and operators of the Jungle Farm.

Leona came back home in 1996 to her family farm, that has been in the same family for generations, since 1897.

Today, their 3 sons can be found working on the farm helping customers enjoy their great family tradition.

Tourism Red Deer caught up with Leona to chat about the Jungle Farm for us to learn more about them.

  • Greenhouse season is April  
  • Grown in their greenhouse! Custom planting offered for customers to choose colours and kinds that they want and grown in their greenhouse leading up to April – appointment basis. 
  • May and June start of full hours.  
  • Typically, they have a lot of schools in the spring and then fall for educational programs. About 5,000 children come through in those seasons, day homes, camps etc they service communities about an hour and a half radius of the farm. 
  • Podcast with AFSC on Monday, – watch Facebook for the recording.  
  • Pick strawberries right up until thanksgiving. 
  • End of August we start to wind down as school starts up. 
  • U-pick pics up. Pumpkins picking in the patch until the end of Sept if good weather. 
  • Unfortunately there will be no corn maze again this year, fingers crossed for 2022.
  • Store is open, play area is closed for now.  
  • Summer is the biggest part of the season.  
  • Popular – U Pick. Vegetable box program (Thursdays and Fridays) preregistration, prorate available, pickups starting now.  
  • In August they will offer pickling classes, summer jam making classes. 
  • See their website for program and class details to include in blog if needing more info. 

 What makes you different, unique or stand out?  

We are a farm you can visit, pick your own fresh vegetables and berries. A place where you can learn where food comes from, a great place for families, kids education, get their hands in the dirt. 

Make their own preserves, jam and pickles, see programs/calendar. Teach people how to use what they pick, how to freeze, preserve etc.  

We have a space dedicated for the kids to play and enjoy, but at the time of the interview it was closed. Drop-in ABC program, multi generational,  


Why do you do what you do? 

I have a great passion for the education portion of their business. I am passionate about agriculture and connecting families to where their food comes from. I am a U of A grad and continue to work with women in agriculture.   *Note: Leona mentioned she will be speaking on an AFSC podcast coming up, if you want to listen for content.  


What can guests (local or visiting) expect to experience?  

Fresh – direct from the garden produce. 

U-Pick Strawberries are their biggest drive. People will want to come with bug replant, come with good footwear and attire, long dresses and heels are not the best idea as you will be walking on straw, close toed shoes, hat, water, if they want to bring their own basket or pail they can. They do supply cardboard baskets and charged by the pound of strawberries, so you can pick as little or as much based on their needs.  

What is new or upcoming? 

Strawberries mid-July, check social media for any new announcements to include. 



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