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Oct 5

Membership Spotlight | Ctrl V Red Deer

Check out our Membership Spotlight on Ctrl V Red Deer!

Membership Spotlight | Ctrl V Red Deer

Find out what makes Ctrl V Red Deer a fun and immersive experience. Ctrl V is the world’s first virtual reality arcade. They offer a fun, safe environment for people to experience some of the best virtual reality content, using premium equipment, all at an affordable price. It's also the perfect venue for birthdays, groups, corporate events, field trips, and more.

This environment is perceived through a device known as a Virtual Reality headset or helmet. The user participates through body movements and handheld motion controllers. Ctrl V offers a huge range of indoor virtual experiences to help you get through the non-virtual reality of long, dark winter days. Whatever the occasion, you won’t regret stepping out of the house and into a whole new virtual world.

What can guests (local or visiting) expect to experience?

The purchase of a package includes a one-hour session in your own designated, fully sanitized VR station. A three-piece VR system allows you to see your new reality, using a head-mounted display, and interact with the virtual world using two wireless full-motion controllers. If it is your first visit, a video will outline the key features of the system before your session begins. Amazing, immersive visuals and 360-degree sound will launch you into realistic virtual worlds.

Become a Kung Fu master, a space pirate, a long sword ninja, or assume the role of one of your favourite Walking Dead heros to survive a zombie onslaught. Take to the gun range, paint in 3D, dare to walk a plank 160 m above the ground, or use a wingsuit to weave through canyons and soar down mountainsides at breakneck speeds. VR dance, shoot hoops, stroll the streets of Tokyo, or try a virtual escape room. A whole new world opens with over 50 different single-player and multi-player VR experiences waiting for you to try.  

Private Events

The whole facility can be booked for private events which can be tailored to fit any age group from ages 8 up. There are 16 VR stations available, a wide variety of VR content in the game library, and a private party room. The Private Party Room includes tables, a full-sized refrigerator with a freezer, and enough seating for up to 15 guests. You are welcome to bring your own food, drink, and dinnerware. For birthdays, custom Ctrl V birthday invitations are included in the package. The facility and VR technology is wheelchair accessible. Also, parents can request to have all games rated 14+ turned off in the children’s stations.

Mobile Events – we come to you!

Are you looking for a VR experience at your next convention, team-building activity, or school classroom? A Ctrl V mobile team will come to your event with all the gear and staff needed to help your group have the best experience possible. With advance notice, Ctrl V can work with you to find out specifically what you’re looking for and help tailor your VR event as the one to remember.

What makes you different, unique, or stand out?

They offer free VR Demos that are provided on a first-come, first-served basis, any time during operating hours on weekdays. The most epic VR Escape Rooms in the world are available at Ctrl V upon request. Escape from the 90s or prison, save Christmas, or prevent Chernobyl, escape rooms offer the chance to solve challenging puzzles and discover mysterious clues. And be sure to ask about the secret game collection at the start of your session.

What is new or upcoming?

VR Fitcamp and VR Fit Club are new this year. Virtual Reality is more than just video games, it's also a great way to get fit while having fun. Get amazing workouts in the privacy of your own VR station while shooting bad guys, playing virtual sports, and participating in other active adventures.

Click here to visit their website to learn more about all their great offers, promotions, and specials.

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