Top 5 Outdoor Rinks in Red Deer

Outdoor Rinks Red Deer

Hockey runs deep in Red Deer. The city has over 60 outdoor skating rinks for public use. Each one is maintained by the city. Some have boarded rinks while others use snowbanks for leisure skating. There are also 3 ponds to skate around on as well as a speed-skating oval. So, to lead up to the Memorial Cup let’s sharpen our skates and hone our hockey skills on some of Red Deer’s best outdoor hockey rinks – here’s 5 of our favourites…

1) Lonsdale (Mattie McCullough School)

Tucked away in behind the school, the Lonsdale outdoor rink is a clear favourite. With both a rink with boards to play a little shinny with your pals or a pick-up game, and a snowbanked rink for those that just want to skate around for leisure. The outdoor rinks at the Mattie McCullough are fantastic. There isn’t an indoor shelter on site so come prepared to lace up in the snow.

2) Bower Ponds

Skate along side the Red Deer River at Bower Ponds. Located just off 64 Ave, these two pond areas for leisure skating are a perfect way to enjoy a winter’s day. Lace up in comfort as there is a indoor skate shelter on site.

3) South Hill (Ecole La Prarie School)

Nestled behind Ecole La Prarie School and just in front of the Piper Creek, the South Hill rinks are a perfect spot for some Saturday afternoon shinny. Located on 35 St, these two boarded rinks offer enough space for everyone to enjoy. There’s no indoor skate shelter at these surfaces so make sure to lace up quickly before you jump on the ice.

4) Rosedale Rinks

There are a few outdoor rinks in the Rosedale Meadows area but the the Rosedale rinks are probably two of the best in the area. Complete with a indoor skate shelter on site, these two boarded ice rinks are great to sharpen your skills as a hockey player or to simply get out and enjoy Canada’s game in the great outdoors.

5) Joseph Welsh School

Located on 37 Ave, the Joseph Welsh School offers two rinks, one boarded and one with snowbanks. Leisure skate around or pick up a game of shinny with your friends at this community outdoor rink. Located on the field  behind the school there is plenty of lot or street parking to accommodate these two outdoor rinks.

To make things even better, you can also book rinks and shelters. If you’d like a little info on how the outdoor rinks are maintained here’s the Standards of Practice. For all other information contact Park amenities Services at 403-342-8299. Finally, here’s a full list of the outdoor skating facilities in Red Deer.

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