Medicine River Wildlife Centre

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Visitors can enjoy a walk on our nature trail to a tower overlooking the wetland. Nature lovers, both big and small, can “play like an animal” in our Co-op Community Wildlife Homes Playground. Please be aware that we do not have a public building at this time and therefore no public washrooms.

MRWC is involved in the following activities to help wildlife:

  • Providing care for injured, orphaned or compromised wildlife with the aim of returning them to appropriate wild habitats
  • Promoting an understanding and respect of wildlife through educational programs available to individuals, groups, organizations, and communities
  • Assisting Albertans in resolving wildlife conflict situations, resulting in a more peaceful co-existence with “problem wildlife”
  • Conducting research in fostering wild orphans to wild families and sharing our findings internationally
  • Promoting a cooperative effort between individuals and private or public agencies to benefit wildlife
  • Aiding in the preservation, conservation, and enhancement of natural habitat


  • Day Use Areas
  • Fire Pits
  • Interpretive Trails
  • Parking
  • Pets - Not Allowed
  • Picnic Tables


  • Hiking
  • Wildlife Viewing

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Follow Hwy 54 W from Innisfail 42km. Travel S on Range Rd 42 for 4 km. Travel E on Township Rd 360 1.5km.