Historic Markerville

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Markerville was established in 1888 by Icelandic pioneers. Markerville Creamery opened in 1902 bringing prosperity to the tiny hamlet. Upon its closure in 1972, the business sector struggled & soon businesses closed. Today, the Markerville Creamery Museum offers guided tours of the commercial butter production set in 1932. Learn the secrets of how cream went from the cow to your table. How bats played a big role in the Creamery & why small, rural creameries closed. Experience culture & history in this traditionally Icelandic hamlet. The Kaffistofa (Icelandic coffee shop) offers lunches, Icelandic delights & your favourite ice cream.

Relax in the courtyard while the kids play in the interactive barn or explore the hamlet on an interpretive historic walk. Discover the other historic sites located in the hamlet, Markerville Lutheran Church & Fensala Hall. These sites play host to many weddings, family reunions & community events.

Spend a day with us and I’m sure you’ll agree, Markerville is Central Alberta’s hidden gem!


  • Free Parking
  • Pets - Allowed
  • Picnic Tables
  • Wheelchair Access


  • Dining

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25 minutes from Red Deer, Innisfail & Sylvan Lake. Markerville is south of Hwy 592 (Penhold hwy) on Range Rd. 21