Historic Fort Normandeau

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Brand new exhibits and a reconstruction of the original Fort at Red Deer Crossing sets the stage to bring the early history of Red Deer to life. Join us for programs, exhibits and seasonal special events. A heritage garden, poultry yard and teepees are set up for public enjoyment.

Located west of Red Deer on the banks of the Red Deer River, Fort Normandeau sits at the site of the original Red Deer Crossing community. Red Deer began on and around this site in the 1870s. Before the railroad came to town, the Crossing was the best place to ford the river for miles around. Today through programs, hands-on activities, theatre and special events, the staff at the Fort Normandeau Interpretive Centre tell the stories of Red Deer’s three founding cultures: the Cree and Blackfoot people, the Metis Buffalo Hunters and the early Europeans who settled in the area.

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  • Canadian Culture
  • Indigenous

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Follow Range Road 280 all the way to the end (past the residential area) where you will see the gates to Historic Fort Normandeau