Eagle Creek Farms & Bowden Sun Maze

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U-Pick: Throughout the summer we have a selection of Strawberries, Vegetables & Flowers to pick. There is no admission to enter the Upick Gardens, you are only charged for what you pick. Be sure to check our Availability List to know what is in season. U-pick Open August 7th – Mid September

Sun Mazes: There is nothing quite like the unique experience of navigating a field grown from 100,000 Smiling Sunflowers! The Sunflower Maze is open from early August until mid October, however, if you want to come when it is blooming, it is best to visit during August, check our Facebook page for Bloom Updates. Each year the maze tends to bloom at a different time.When we opened in 2006 there were only 4 other Corn Mazes in the Province, today there over 10. Our Maze is not the largest, and may not grow the tallest, but it is the only one grown without the use of Synthetic Fertilizers or Herbicides, and the only connected to a Sunflower Maze. Once we have our Organic Certification, we will have Canada’s Only Certified Organic Maze. Mazes Open August 7th – Mid October

Farm Store: Open Same times as U-pick & Mazes in Summer & Fall

We are open Rain or Shine weekdays but will close due to poor weather on weekends, it is best to phone ahead if you see rain or snow outside your window.  Our Facebook page will be up-to-date on weather related matters. We recommend not wearing your best shoes when visiting the farm and rubber boots are definitely recommended for a day or 2 after a rain storm!


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From Bowden travel west on hwy 587 for 5 km. Turn Right on RR#14 and we are 2.4km North.