Discovery Canyon Park

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Discovery Canyon Park is a seasonal water park located inside the River Bend Golf and Recreation Area. It features a natural river-fed water pool, playground area, concession, and washrooms. On a hot summer day enjoy bubbling pools of water, trickling rivulets and a lagoon at the bottom of the canyon. Water is pumped up from the lake below and splashes and bubbles its way down grass and tree-lined riffles.  Bring your own tube or rent one from the concession. Tubes sizes can only be between 30 inches to 50 inches for the ride. If they are any larger you may be asked to remove them from the river by staff. 

Seasonal opening and closing dates depend on weather conditions. The water park usually opens for the summer season during the first weeks of June and closes after the September long weekend (the first weekend in September). Please check back soon for the exact opening dates.

There are no lifeguards on duty, and this facility is to be used at your own risk. During the summer season, Discovery Canyon operates from Monday to Sunday from 11:00am to 7:00pm.(weather dependent)

Admission is free and visitors can rent tubes for $6 but you must have photo ID for the rental.  The ID will be returned when the tube is returned and we accept cash, debit, and credit cards only.

No Dogs are allowed in the park

On a hot sunny day our parking lot quickly hits capacity with golfers and park users. We try and maintain accessibility for everyone. Please plan ahead if you are visiting the park on the a busy day. We try to have staff members patrol the parking lot and we have implemented directional signs to show where to park. Please respect the signage!
Busses, trailers,campers and motor-homes are not permitted in the parking lot.

Please go to their website for rules and regulations regarding the park




  • Beach
  • Playgrounds
  • Swimming Area
  • Toilets - Flush


  • Swimming

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