Pond Dipping With Kat – Kerry Wood Nature Centre

Pond Dipping

Kerry Wood Nature Centre is a priceless asset to the City of Red Deer, from their Green Deer Spring Cleanup to their Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup initiatives and everywhere in between. They also provide educational programs, workshops for young and old, running  Historic Fort Normandeau and its programming.

Looking to see what creatures were dipped

Looking part of Pond Dipping


Tourism Red Deer had the good fortune to be on location with Kat from Kerry Wood Nature Centre at Bower Ponds fishing dock this past summer. Kat has been out all summer in the city with exciting programs free for the public on a drop-in basis. This particular day, Pond Dipping was on the menu. Kat provided all the tools, buckets and nets needed to dip, flip and swish (then look). She is a wealth of knowledge as we learned all about the pond life that inhabits the water, everything from snails, nymphs, water striders, water boatmen, and so much more.


Pond dipping is just one of the many different programs available with Kerry Wood Nature Centre and others in the city. Check what The Kerry Wood Nature Centre and Fort Normandeau have to offer, and take the time to #explorereddeersbackyard.

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