Image of the running track at Servus Arena

Fitness Centres & Running Tracks

Get your heart pumping at a gym, spin class, or indoor running track.

Group of mountain bikers hitting the jumps on a beautiful blue sky summer day.
Image of the climbing wall at the Collicutt Centre

Find your fitness experience

If you are looking for something more calming, stretch it out at a local yoga or pilates class. Travel doesn’t have to mean taking a break from your fitness goals, a unique wellness experience is easy to find.

Young boy enjoying the splash park at Kin Kanyon on a beautiful summer day.

Experiences to get you inspired

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Cyclists riding the paved trail between fields on the way to Lacombe from Blackfalds
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May 28
A person in winter gear cross country skiing at Riverbend Recreation Area with trees and blue sky
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A person walks their dog on the snowey trail where Christmas ornaments are hung on the trees of Waskasoo Park
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Dec 11

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