Quaint Places – Cronquist House

Cronquist House with man and kids on bikes
Cronquist House behind fountain

Cronquist House across Bower Ponds

Have you had a chance to visit the Cronquist House? If not, then make sure you take the time.  It’s a beautiful 8-bedroom Victorian-style farmhouse, with a Queen Anne Tower and a wonderful inviting wrap-around porch. The perfect spot for relaxing and enjoying afternoon tea, a lovely salad or perhaps some old-fashioned yummy apple crisp. Not only is it an excellent place for parties, weddings, or special events, but it is filled with history as well. Originally built in 1911 by Emmanuel Cronquist, it was moved across the frozen Red Deer River in 1976, to the spot where it stands today, an iconic building overlooking Bower Ponds.

If you are interested in ghosts, the Cronquist House won’t disappoint; several locals and those who have worked there can tell you their spooky stories. Or maybe go down to the Red Deer Library and pick up a copy of “More Ghost Stories of Alberta” by Barbara Smith, spine-tingling at its best. The Cronquist House has been featured in many stories and videos, including this YouTube video uploaded by Lex Engel in 2013, narrated by local historian Michael Dawe. Check it out, and who knows, you might be surprised. Boo!

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