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Aside from being conveniently located between Calgary and Edmonton, Red Deer has many other reasons that make it the perfect location for your special day or event. Our facilities are second to none and provide many different options to you when planning your wedding, banquet, ceremony or other social gathering.

Custom Itinerary Planning

Planning a huge event this year? Why not take your event to the next level by creating an exciting itinerary to keep your guest busy during their stay. Click below for a list of adventures.

Things to Do in Red Deer


Travel Itinerary Packages for Guests

If you’re getting married in the town of Red Deer where you grew up, or you’re choosing this destination for its small town with charming attention to detail, you can get creative by making your wedding a total destination experience for your guests. Here are a few ideas to help out-of-town guests feel like they’ve arrived for a grand occasion:

1. Prepare them with the town’s history. Include places to visit like Heritage Ranch, Fort Normandeau, and the Cronquist House, in their travel itinerary. Warn them about any idiosyncrasies that make Red Deer special – like the cop who always sits at the bottom of the hill on Ross Street to give tickets to visitors busy sight seeing. And supplying a list of liquor stores with locations is ideal for this ceremonious occasion. As a bonus, how wonderful is having a growler of local craft beer waiting in their welcome basket with some munchies when they arrive!

2. Include a fun information packet of “Things to Do” in Red Deer – list the pubs and unique lunch spots recommended during lunch on your wedding day. Mention the local farmers’ market, the MAG, or the nearest shopping locations.

3. Have a plan for after-hours if your reception is going to end before midnight. For guests wanting to continue to party, send them off to a local spot with nightlife for entertainment.


Unique Meeting Spaces

Looking for a western ranch complete with authentic wooden decor, stunningly beautiful fireplaces and perks like sleigh rides? How about a chalet wedding experience? Or perhaps your fiancé is a sports fanatic and your looking to add something special by surrounding him with provincial sports legends and greats?

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