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Rare experiences in nature await visitors to Central Alberta. This region is home to many acres of conserved land and an abundant and diverse population of wildlife. Conservationists here are performing cutting edge research that is unique in the world. The Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary in Red Deer was Alberta’s first federal migratory bird sanctuary when it was established in 1924 and since that time bird watching has exploded in this region. To put it simply, there are plenty of wild things to see in the Red Deer region.

Wild Fawn Adoption Program Unique in North America

Every spring, 30-60 orphaned fawns are brought to the wild animal hospital at Medicine River Wildlife Centre. For many years, experts believed these fawns could not be successfully adopted into wild families, but new research being performed at the centre is proving them wrong.


Amelia’s Incredible Journey Makes History

A little bird that makes her nest at Ellis Bird Farm made big news in 2013 when she flew the longest migration distance ever recorded for a Purple Martin – travelling more than 22,000 km from the Amazon rain forest back to Central Alberta to nest. For 21 days, the tiny bird averaged more than 600 km flying distance per day. Geotracking Purple Martins at Ellis Bird Farm is part of a cutting edge research project.

Alberta’s First Federal Migratory Bird Sanctuary Turns 80

Red Deer’s Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary is turning 80 in 2014. As the first federal migratory bird sanctuary in Alberta, it stands as a testament to the sheer will of the local naturalist community.

Birding in Central Alberta

Ranked as one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world, bird watching is a fascinating activity that can be enjoyed by all ages. Central Alberta is home to excellent bird watching sites and a new Central Alberta Birding Guide produced by the Red Deer River Naturalists helps birding enthusiasts find all the best spots – including special places like Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary, Ellis Bird Farm and Slack’s Slough.

Bring this Story to Life

Crouch in a meadow and watch the touching scene of an orphaned fawn being adopted by a new mother, assist staff at Ellis Bird Farm in banding baby birds or accompany a naturalist in search of unique bird species. Contact Vicky Loughlin for more information.