Enjoying the Outdoors: Part 1 – Ice Skating in Red Deer

Who doesn’t remember their first time on skates or at least the first time staying up on them? The thrill of gliding around a newly shovelled outdoor rink, fingers freezing inside our mittens, frost coated eyelashes sticking to our faces and huge grins because we managed to make it around the rink, without falling. A sport for all ages, from the youngest to the youngest at heart, all you need is a pair of skates and a frozen body of water. In Red Deer, we are very fortunate to have 77 outdoor ice surfaces to use at our leisure, including boarded and snow banked rinks, 3 skating ponds, and even a 400-metre outdoor natural ice speed skating oval.

This holiday season pack-up a pair of skates and head over to Bower Ponds. The beautiful park scenery is enjoyable during the daylight hours and is transformed into a Christmas dream complete with twinkling lights in the evening. Or maybe you are looking for a great cardio workout, then the 400-metre speed skating oval at Setters Place at Great Chief Park is the place to be. Just know that reservations are required ahead of time and can easily be done through Look ‘N Book. With so many options available, getting out of the house for a game of hockey (socially distanced) or a leisurely skate is just a short walk or car ride away.

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