7 Pictures From the Sylvan Lake Polar Bear Dip

Sylvan Lake Polar Bear Dip

The sun was shining and the weather was sweet. Sweet enough for a dip in a frozen Sylvan Lake.

Family Day long weekend saw people heading in droves to the Town of Sylvan Lake for the annual Winter Festival. With lots to do with the family, the town of Sylvan Lake transforms itself from what is usually a summer destination into a winter hotspot.

There was lots of food including a pancake breakfast, Winterfest chili and a bountiful farmers market. There was events for the kids like a beanbag toss, face painting and hockey shoot out. There were even fireworks off the pier.

But the most looked forward to event of Sylvan Lake’s Winterfest was the Polar Bear Dip. Those brave, or crazy, enough to participate in the awakening leisurely dip in the frigid waters of Sylvan Lake collect donations for a charity of their choice and then take the plunge as crowds watch on and cheer each other on.

Here’s a few pictures from this year’s Sylvan Lake Winter Festival Polar Bear.

1 – Put Your Hands Up in the Air

Sylvan Lake Polar Bear Dip - Hands Up

2 – Hope That Bum Flap is Closed on Your Long Underwear

Sylvan Lake Polar Bear Dip - Red Underwear

3 – Second Guessing His Life Choices

Polar Bear Dip Sylvan Lake

4 – YARR! Man Overboard! Even the Pirates be Jumpin’ In!

Polar Bear Dip Sylvan Lake

5 – You’re Up First!

Polar Bear Dip Sylvan Lake

7 – Those Are Lovely Blue Shorts

Sylvan Lake Polar Bear Dip - Blue Shorts

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