Brian McArthur and Dawn Detarando

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Brian McArthur and Dawn Detarando - Red Deer Artist

Red Deer-raised Brian McArthur met Dawn Detarando, of the Boston, Mass.-area, in graduate school in 1996. They had taken their own winding paths to end up at the Ohio State University to study ceramics. The two young artists from opposite ends of the continent learned they could work well together. Their creative partnership crossed over from art to life, and … Read More

Betty Schnell

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Betty Schnell - Red Deer Artist

Art like writing can be a solitary pursuit. So, plein air oil painter Betty Schnell doesn’t mind a little company when she’s out in nature armed with her canvases, palette and easel. More than a few times, she has attracted her own small audience as she captures mountains or other scenery in vibrant colour. “When I’m out painting people stop … Read More

Lana Michelin

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Lana Michelin - Red Deer Artist

Some people write about art. Others create it. Then there’s Lana Michelin — who does both. Red Deer Advocate readers might recognize the byline. Michelin’s been writing about local visual arts, music and theatre as a reporter since 1991. Now she’s stepped out of her news cubicle and into the art gallery. Her acrylic paintings of people and landscapes are … Read More

Lloyd Jackson

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Lloyd Jackson - Red Deer Artist

Lloyd Jackson started learning guitar as a 13-year-old. Fifty-four years later, he claims he’s still learning — and fine-tuning his singing and saxophone skills to boot. “My musical career started with listening to the Beatles,” says Lloyd, who grew up in Yorkton, Sask. “When the Beatles came on the scene everybody wanted to be a Beatle.” He became a good … Read More

Candice Meyer

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Candice Meyer - Red Deer Artist

Life took an unexpected turn for Toronto-born-and-raised Candice Meyer when she married an Alberta boy and moved to the remote wilderness in Peace River Country. In 1982, Meyer and her husband Ian (a musician who’d been in an Edmonton-based band with Meyer’s brother) decided to raise a family on the northern property where Ian had been raised. Rural life was … Read More

Paul Boultbee

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Paul Boultbee - Red Deer Artist

Paul Boultbee is a prolific visual artist, who runs his own studio in Red Deer, and has exhibited his works from Calgary to Connecticut. He also makes regular appearances as an actor on local stages and in independent movies. After getting his library sciences degree, he worked for six years as a librarian in the balmy Bahamas. When his contract … Read More

Edna Caouette

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Edna Caouette - Red Deer Artist

Edna approaches her art from many different perspectives. Her solo show at Red Deer College in 2014 featured her moody and dramatic abstract landscapes. Lately, she has been doing a lot of floral painting. And her next project is a different take on nature. It is a close-up of a White Aspen, an artistic take on the artwork nature creates … Read More

Karen Filthaut

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Karen Filthaut - Red Deer Artist

A lot of people hold funny views about painting or drawing, muses Sylvan Lake artist Karen Filthaut. No one would presume to pick up a violin and immediately start playing a concerto. Yet many people believe if they can’t automatically make good art then they should quit because they have no talent. Filthaut started taking visual art at the University … Read More

Corinne Anderton

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Corinne Anderton - Red Deer Artist

Corinne Anderton feels like we’re all co-creators in the artistic process, channelling the inspiration that’s readily provided from out of the blue. “You can call it the universe or call it whatever you want,” she said. “I believe we just show up and do the work we are meant to do and our creativity develops and expands.” Anderton grew up … Read More

Jason Frizzell

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Jason Frizzell - Red Deer Artist

While Jason Frizzell was growing up in Red Deer he would sometimes watch his grandfather paint cowboy scenes in his home art studio. Frizzell admitted his mom’s dad, Harry Spelman, became an unwitting inspiration, helping pave the way for Frizzell’s own art career. “As I got older, going to school for visual arts wasn’t an unusual thing for me to … Read More

Christine Karron

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Christine Karron - Red Deer Artist

Christine Karron speaks four languages, but her favourite way of telling a story is through the pictures she creates. The Red Deer resident, who’s becoming known for her Fairies colouring books and children’s illustrations, was born in Estonia and moved at age 16 to Germany. She was raised in a family that encouraged creativity. Karron recalled her grandma, a gifted … Read More