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Are you tough enough? If you were competing in The Hunger Games or on Mantracker, could you beat the competition? Visitors who want to test their mettle can come to Red Deer and find out just how tough they really are with these totally unique adventures.

Ranchtracker: If you’ve ever watched the popular television show Mantracker, you know how this goes down. We drop you in the woods and you have to beat the man in the saddle. This requires intelligence, stealth, outdoor skills and athleticism. Ranchtracker at Red Deer’s Heritage Ranch makes for an afternoon of good clean fun. Your team will be dropped in an unknown location and supplied a ranch map marked with four sites you will need to get to before the ranch hands track you down and find you. If you make it to all four sites without being captured, you’ll be declared the winner. Win or lose, you are treated to a post-chase steak dinner.

Mud Hero Alberta: Canada’s largest obstacle event is held annually at Alberta’s largest non-mountain ski resort. Steep hills, massive amounts of mud, tricky water obstacles and plenty of challenging terrain make for a thrilling course. There are more than 16 obstacles stretched over the 6-km course. With more than 17,000 participants; the after party isn’t bad either. Mud Hero Alberta supports the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

Make Like Iron Man: Invented in 2012, the Flyboard is a type of jetpack attached to a personal watercraft that looks a little like a skateboard. Water propels riders up to 15 metres in the air and can propel a rider up to 2.5 metres below its surface, making for a crazy wild ride that looks like something from an Iron Man movie. Sylvan Lake is one of the best spots in the province to try out the sport of Flyboarding with Alberta Flyboard.

The Longest Yard: If you’re looking to break the world record for the longest drive, there’s no better spot to do it than hole 11 at The Nursery Golf Course.  At 782 yards from the back tees, the longest golf hole in Canada is a long par 6, so you may want to consider teeing it forward. (BTW – The Guinness World Record for the longest drive in competition play is 515 yards (471 m) and was set by 64-year-old Mike Austin.)

BRING THIS STORY ALIVE:  See if you can beat our Ranchtracker, do your best Iron Man imitation while Flyboarding on Sylvan Lake, hit a ball on Canada’s longest hole or give the Mud Hero obstacle course your best shot. For qualified media, we’ll set up an itinerary to test your toughness. Contact Vicky Loughlin for more information.