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Located at the heart of breathtaking Heritage Ranch in Red Deer, AB, Westlake Grill offers an incredible dining experience in one of the most scenic areas of Red Deer. Our professional team of chefs use the fresh and local ingredients to create homemade favourites that will warm your heart and fill your stomach. Are you a breakfast fan? At Westlake Grill we offer brunch every weekend from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm so you never have to miss out on your favourite breakfast dishes, whether you’re a sweet or savoury fan.

Our new winter menu is full of delicious, skillfully prepared dishes made from scratch. Every Tuesday is Wine & Wing Tuesdays at Westlake Grill where you can enjoy half off wings and features on bottles of wine.

Date Night

For romantics only! Take an intimate sleigh ride, or treat your taste buds to an amazing Chef’s Table. Heritage Ranch is the romantic destination for you! We know how busy things get and how date nights can easily be overlooked. We are here to help keep things fresh, exciting and fun in your relationship. Enjoy an amazing evening together.

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Overnight Romance

Perfect for an anniversary, birthday or a gift for a couple you love. Let us take care of your whole weekend experience with an overnight stay at the Sheraton Hotel in their popular Jacuzzi Suite. This romantic escape includes a shuttle service to take you to and from Heritage Ranch and the West Lake Grill.

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Located at Heritage Ranch.