Sylvan Ice Angling

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Guests will be able to enjoy the thrill of ice fishing using traditional equipment while sharing in the camaraderie and teachings with their guide! Guests will enjoy a 6-Person Frabill shelter with a propane heater, comfortable chairs, underwater camera, and more! Everything is setup for guests prior to arrival. That’s right, no setup whatsoever! All that remains is the guests baiting their hooks and the fun begins!
What’s included Ice Fishing Tents (6 Person Max), Ice Auger, Ice Scoop, Shovel, Equipment Sled, Seats, Tip Ups, Rod & Reels, Bait, Terminal Tackle, Tools, Propane Heater, Propane, Rescue Equipment, Cook Stove, Cooking Supplies, Cooler, Zip-loc Bags, Camera/Picture Services, Underwater camera, Filleting

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Guests can choose to either take their catch home in zip-loc bags provided by the guide, or elect to have a fish fry out on the ice! *Daily Possession Limits Apply.*



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Sylvan Lake approximately 20 minutes West of Red Deer. The Guide has chosen Angling spots and will communicate with the Clients as to where to meet.