Red Deer Mountain Bike Park

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Challenge your mountain biking skills at the Mountain Bike Park in North Red Deer. Built and maintained by volunteers from the Central Alberta Bicycle Club in cooperation with The City of Red Deer, the park includes a large area of cross country single track, dirt jumps and free-ride stunts. The Central Alberta Bicycle Club ensures all stunts and jumps are properly designed, constructed and receive regular maintenance. Helmets are mandatory and mountain bike body armour is highly recommended. Remember mountain biking is a dangerous sport, always ride within your ability. Designed for mountain bikers in mind, all non-motorized, non-equestrian outdoor enthusiasts are welcome.

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The Mountain Bike Park is located east of Gaetz Ave and west of Riverside Drive. The south entrance is located off 77 Street and the north entrance is located at the corner of 48 Avenue and 79 Street.