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Red Deer Downtown Business Association

In response to a petition by downtown businesses, in late 1983, Red Deer City Council passed a by-law establishing the Red Deer Downtown Business Association (DBA) as a Business Revitalization Zone under the Municipal Government Act. The association is funded primarily by a business tax levy on the net annual rental value of the area occupied by a business located within the BRZ. Everyone benefits, so everyone pays.


A Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ) is a program by which businesses in a specific area can raise and administer funds to improve and promote their downtown. BRZs are administered by a volunteer Board who are elected by members of the BRZ and/or appointed by City Council.


A pedestrian-friendly people place, our downtown is a thriving neighbourhood alive with culture and entertainment, unique shops and eateries. It is a clean, safe, attractive and engaging residential and commercial district that is the preferred location for retail, professional and service businesses. Our downtown is a source of civic pride and a desired destination for residents and visitors.


Through partnerships and leadership in advocacy and promotion, the DBA is the catalyst for a vibrant and prosperous downtown that is the place to live, work, play and do business.


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