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Parkland Mall

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Constructed in 1970, the mall was the city’s first regional shopping centre. Originally anchored by Safeway and Woolco, it was home to 23 stores and gave area residents the opportunity for one-stop shopping. Since then, several renovations and expansions have grown Parkland Mall to house over 100 stores. In addition to current anchor stores Wal-Mart, and Staples Parkland Mall will soon host the largest GoodLife Fitness location in Alberta. The latest renovation, finished in 2005, includes a new exterior streetscape, skylights, soft seating areas throughout the mall and a beautiful new stone fireplace in the food court. Parkland Mall is a Morguard company.


  • Air conditioning
  • Fitness Centre
  • Free Parking
  • Groceries
  • Wheelchair Access


  • Shopping

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Parkland Mall is location on the corner of Gaetz Ave and 67th Street