Parkland Nurseries & Garden Centre

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Parkland is the largest retail garden centre in Central Alberta! Open year round, Parkland Nurseries & Garden Centre has greenhouse production, a retail tree lot, perennial production, landscape design services as well as garden centre shop filled with a vast array of garden supplies and giftware for all ages, including an extensive Christmas shop.

Throughout the year, Parkland offers gardening and design courses, hosts bus tours, group tours, weddings and distributes a gardening newsletter. We are more than just a garden centre, it’s a destination. Parkland has developed into a tourist attraction and offers products and events for the entire family. It’s truly worth a special visit!

Open Year Round: (check website for hours www.parklandgarden.ca)


  • Free Parking


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Parkland is located 3 minutes East of 30th Avenue, Red Deer on Highway 11 East. If directions are required, please call 403-346-5613.