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Who are we?

Outsy is short for outdoorsy. We chose the name Outsy to represent our passion: the outdoors!
We are passionate about the outdoors and all the amazing activities that keep us outside! We feel there is no better experience than gathering your closest friends, heading out to the wilderness to camp, roast dinners, and ride the trails. We love this so much we want to share it with you.
We are riders, we are outdoorists, we are campers. We are Outsy – join us!

Commitment to Environment

The reason we are here is to bring people to nature in fun and thrilling ways. Without the beautiful wild to support us there would be no point. We understand that ATVs can be a destructive force to nature if used without respect. Alternatively, they can be a tool to promote a love of the outdoors and explore!
For this reason and our love of the wild we have the following environmental cornerstones:
– No trace camping / riding
– Picking up garbage we come across where appropriate
– Not going off trail unless absolutely necessary
– Sensitive waterway avoidance
– Promoting general appreciation for nature.


  • ATVing
  • Comfort Camping
  • RV Camping
  • Self Drive
  • Tent Camping

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