Li’l Diner 2/42

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Come visit us at our Little Red Food Truck (hours) up at Junction 42, just west off Highway 2,

We are different from a lot of food trucks, we offer, burgers, pies, homemade bread for sandwiches, ice cream, floats, fried chicken and fish. Specials on Friday and Saturday. Home made food for the truckers in particular, they have requested homecooked meals like meatloaf, which visitors can also enjoy. We are not as married to our menu, not as specific, we like to offer variety and change it up to offer fresh options from the truck, these guys are eating out a lot and it’s nice to not feel guilty eating fried as often, fresh wraps, salads etc. Our aim in to keep everything homemade, from bread to pies etc.

Our most popular menu item has definitely been the Junction 42 burger, you need 2 hands to eat this burger and a hearty appetite, 2 patties, 2 cheese, 2 pieces of bacon and an egg. People say we have great burgers, and our whole meat chicken burger is great too, and what is better than a slice of pie and ice cream?! 


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Junction 42 Rest Stop