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Acrylic painting lessons are available for beginners and advanced. You bring your own supplies (a supply list can be sent to help you get started), and Janice walks you through your painting. $20/person for 2 hour sessions.

Visit her website to view some of Janice’s paintings.

About Janice … Janice Gallant is an artist, teacher and writer living in Central Alberta, Canada. She lives on an acreage with her husband and two dogs. Their three kids are grown now but family plays a strong role in her life. Janice began painting at an early age of 8 years old when her father set up the kitchen table with oil paints and walked her through her first creations. She was immersed in the art world through her father and his love of painting, and his own gallery and framing shop. Janice has studied under numerous artists and had some formal training, however, her inspiration comes from nature and she continues to grow and learn through the process of “just doing” and teaching others. Her work has been sold internationally and is available online, as well as through PDR Picture Frames & Gallery in Waterloo, Ontario.

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Located north of Olds, before Bowden. Instructions will be sent when you register for classes.