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The Harris-Warke Gallery was created after the city of Red Deer, blossoming as a centre for art and culture, was awarded a Cultural Capital of Canada award in 2003. At that time, the space was generously donated by Paul Harris and Terry Warke, owners of the Sunworks store. These two men have, and continue to, contribute generously to arts and culture in the city of Red Deer.

Our mission as a gallery is to promote the arts in Red Deer. The Harris-Warke gallery encourages exposure to an eclectic definition of art. We hope to enrich the Red Deer community by promoting a diverse arts experience to a diverse viewing public.

Visit us regularly and often. There is something for everyone to see.

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The Harris-Warke Gallery is located upstairs in the Sunworks Home & Garden Store on Ross Street, downtown Red Deer, Alberta.

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