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Superior Service at an Affordable Price Serving Alberta from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, Frontier Bus Lines offers charter bus services on modern motor coaches. Whether you are looking for a bus to charter for your group or tour, or are looking for adventure travel such as to a casino, a concert, or a tour that is already organized by Frontier staff, you’ll enjoy the luxury, convenience and ecologically smart way to travel aboard one of our motor coaches.

Frontier specializes in group transportation and tour services for all types of groups from sports teams to seniors tours. We continue to expand and provide the safest most dependable charter bus service in Central Alberta.

With our diverse fleet of charter motor coaches, we can accommodate any size group from the tour organizer seeking airport service for inbound groups visiting the Canadian Rockies to a local club, association or church group needing to travel together to an event or location anywhere in North America. Feel free to browse our website and see all that we can do for you …because we care.

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