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Dance the Night Away at Festival Hall!
Festival Hall is a unique and original space that can be used as a meeting place for your special event or cultural occasion. With a very high ceiling, four huge windows and a mezzanine along the full length of the building, Festival Hall has an unparalleled ambiance.
Historically, Festival Hall was part of the Armory and was used as a shooting range. It was later transformed into an assembly hall, then became a gymnasium used by Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School. In 1992, the Red Deer Cultural Heritage Society acquired Festival Hall. In the same vein of renovating the Cronquist House, they proceeded to renovate the old gymnasium and turned it into a warm and attractive community hall.
Festival Hall Features:
A Main Hall with a hardwood floor accompanied by a raised area that can act as a stage,
A large mezzanine over the main hall,
An upstairs meeting room, and
A large kitchen available for food service and storage.

For more information on booking Festival Hall contact the Red Deer Cultural Heritage Society at:
Phone: (403) 346-0055
E-mail: rdchs@telus.net
Fax: (403) 347-8759

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