The Farm with the Good Food

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If you are looking for the best hand raised food, visit HolmeHus Antiques and Farm with the Good Food located just west of Red Deer. Free range animals that lead happy lives are the most important goals for us and make food much more delicious. Unlike supermarket labels that can only promise a healthy animal and happy environment, we can actually show it to you. We sell fresh free-range farm eggs, home grown pasture-raised and inspected Alberta beef, Danish rye prairie breads, homemade Danish preserves, some seasonal fruits and vegetables, lots of foodie collectibles and antiques in the shop.  During summer months, tour the farmyard gardens and bird area, visit the animals, and enjoy a picnic. We are open year round 10 am to 5 pm on most days.

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Turn off Hwy #2 at HWY 11A to Sylvan Lake, Watch for the Holmehus signs and for RANGE ROAD 282, we are located 0.5 miles south. Look for the Big Blue building.