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We specialize in farm fresh gelato, pie, kombucha, vegetables and cultured foods. Grown, made and baked right here! A foodies paradise. Farm Store filled with our creations. Chocolate covered fresh picked strawberries! Come relax and enjoy!  UPIK strawberry, raspberry, cherry, black currant , apples, plums, chokecherries. Artisan fruit tree nursery. 2 commercial fruit combines on site. Bring your surplus apples to juice at DNA Gardens for a great family project. Way too many cherries? Never! LOL Bring them to DNA Gardens to pit. Marvel at our commercial cherry pitter. It will do 40 pounds bing, bang, boom. 2 Walking tours – Fun, educational riddle trail to follow; Walking tour antique farming equipment. Winter time skiing in the orchard and surrounding parkland. Summer time Yoga in the orchard.


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From the intersection of Highway 590 and Highway 21, drive east 6.5 km and turn south on Rg Rd 230. Farm on west side.