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When we thought about creating Craft Beer Nation, we knew certain things were important to us. First and foremost is the experience for our customer. We wanted to create a place that people could come, feel welcome, feel comfortable and be among beer people. People who know, love and appreciate everything that is craft beer.

The Growler Bar
We designed the growler bar to be a place where you could come, taste a new beer and be excited about what you get to take home. We see it as a social experience, a place to BS about beer, share some knowledge and maybe learn something new. We have sixteen rotating taps and an ‘on deck’ line up so you know what to look forward to next.

The Beer Club
As of February, 2018 we are jazzed to launch the Craft Beer Nation Beer Club. Oh yeah. For all the details click here or call the shop at 403.986.0126.

Brewer & Certified Cicerone Visits
You can expect to see visits from local craft brewers and also be on the look out for special cicerone events.

The Cooler
To some people this a small thing, but to us its a big thing. A huge part of craft beer is the story the brewer wants to share and we wanted to create an environment where you could read the can/bottle and not freeze your ass off in the process. Enter the open display cooler. In what world should it be more comfortable picking out your yogurt than choosing your beer? Not in our store. Have easy access to the beer, browse to your hearts content, hang out with Porter, listen to the tunes and be a comfortable temperature. It’s so civilized it hurts.


  • Air conditioning
  • Pets - Allowed

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Gaetz South, across from Bower Place Shopping Center.