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Bower Place Shopping Centre

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With 115 stores and services, Bower Place is Central Alberta’s largest indoor shopping venue and the best source for national retailers including Hudson’s Bay, Sears, Toys R Us, H&M, and Shoppers Drug Mart. Don’t forget to check out their monthly promotional giveaways, or drop by Guest Services to pick up the most genius gift of all, a Bower Place Gift Card. Find them on Facebook.

Situated on the corner of Molly Banister Drive and Gaetz Avenue in the City of Red Deer, Bower Place is close to hotel and convention facilities, and accessible by car and public transit. Bower Place also boasts a unique Western Theme throughout the mall, including hourly shows at our East and Center Courts.

With several special events throughout the year and a delicious variety of dining options at our food court, Bower Place Shopping Centre offers residents and visitors alike a broad range of merchandise and brand name curb apparel to meet every taste and need.


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