Central Alberta Golfing Destinations

Golf courses are abundant in the Red Deer Region. With over two dozen courses within a hour drive, golfers of all skill levels are sure to find a place to play.

Some of Alberta’s finest golf courses are located within a short drive of Red Deer. Wolf Creek Golf Resort in Ponoka has played host to a number of high profile tournaments and offers one of the toughest tests in the province. Innisfail Golf Club, Alberta Springs Golf Resort and Lacombe Golf & Country Club and River Bend Golf & Recreation Area are local favourites and all offer championship quality golf for a reasonable price. Golfers looking for a unique challenge should head north of Red Deer to the Nursery Golf & Country Club. The par 73 layout features one of the longest holes in Canada.

Keeping the ball on the fairway and out of the trees can be a bit of a challenge. Most of us are constantly fighting the dreaded slice. Our friends at the golf blog SirShanksAlot.com share a few tips on fixing your slice…

1) Strengthen your Grip Position – The webbing between your thumb and index finger should create V’s pointing towards your trailing shoulder. Most slicers have a weak grip that sits more on top of the club, and these V’s point towards the lead shoulder or even further forward.

2) Loosen your Grip Pressure – Strangling the golf club will limit the amount of rotation and flexibility in your wrists, hands and forearms. Without this rotation, getting the club square coming into impact is very difficult. Loosen up.

3) Split Your Grip – A simple, yet effective drill to ingrain the proper wrists rotation required into impact is to split your grip on the club – much like a hockey grip. Leave your top hand in the normal position, but move your lower hand down to the bottom of your grip. Take some swings, feel how your wrists are supposed to rotate, and repeat.

4) Square Up Your Body – You’d be surprised how often your shoulders and hips can get out of alignment. One fundamental that you should keep a close eye on is your address position – ensure you’re shoulders, hips, knees and feet are square to your target line. Ever address a ball, and something just feels “off”? Take a step back, re-align yourself and swing.

5) Move the Ball Up – Your ball position matters. As your club is rotating through the impact zone, the club goes from open, to square, to closed very quickly. If the ball is too far back in your stance, you’ll hit the ball with an open clubface and cause your slice. Move the ball up, hit it square.

Photo: The Nursery Golf and Country Club

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