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Bo's Bar & Stage

Bo’s Bar & Stage is a multifaceted restaurant that is a well-known and beloved part of Red Deer’s backyard since 1996. They pride themselves in offering something different from the traditional restaurant, stage or music and event space. Bo’s has built an upstanding reputation over the years and people have come to expect and trust that the quality of everything they offer will be consistent and top-shelf. Whether you consider yourself a Bo’s regular, used to frequent back in your college days, have regretfully never been… or land somewhere in between, you will want to read ahead for a look into how this Tourism Red Deer member lights up their stage.

What makes you different, unique or stand out?

“We have a great team of people that have been together for many years,” says Brennen Wowk, Owner/Operator of Bo’s Bar & Stage. “We find a lot of pride in watching our staff learn and embrace the culture we have created and see the young future leaders they are growing to be.” The present partnership has owned the location for 10 years and as local business owners who grew up in Red Deer, they understand the importance of building strong community ties.

Live Music on stage at Bo's Bar & Stage


“We take exceptional pride in building up and being a part of the Red Deer restaurant and entertainment scene,” says Wowk. “We are a nationally recognized venue and have had guests fly as far as Sacramento, CA and even Iowa to catch a show,” he says. “It is pretty rewarding to know that people are coming to Red Deer from afar to stay and experience what our community has to offer because of what we are doing.”


The dream to excel and to help their community grow and prosper, is a large part of what drives this team forward. With well-thought-out integration of their products, which includes delicious high-level food, locally brewed beers and handcrafted cocktails, matched with a unique venue and live entertainment, your experience at Bo’s Bar & Stage will be fully encompassing.

Why do you do what you do?

“We do it for the people,” says Wowk “special memories are created here.” Fostering a space like this for Red Deer and for those that visit is very rewarding to these entrepreneurs, and their passion shows in everything they do. “Seeing the joy and smiles on people’s faces when their food and drink hit the table, or when music fills the bar and people are completely lost in time enjoying themselves, those are the moments we live for.”

“Really, it has been a lifelong dream in the making, that we just had to take a stab at,” says Wowk. “The idea of owning this type of business, especially in the city we call home, had been in the making for quite some time.” Having frequented the bar back in their college days they knew they wanted to build on the connections with the community and what people loved most about Bo’s, ‘the good time’.

What can guests (local or visiting) expect to experience?

“Great food, great drink, great service and great entertainment (when it becomes available again) and of course the expectation of a great time!” says Wowk. “You will expect an individualized experience that is uniquely Bo’s, as we are not a chain and have put a lot of effort into creating our unique vibe and offerings.”

When one first arrives at Bo’s Bar & Stage you see a small restaurant frontwith a beautiful umbrellaed patio, open and used in the warmer months. Large garage door style openings provide a seamless fresh air extension to their interior seating, allowing more customers to enjoy the outdoors inside. Don’t let the size of the venue from the entrance fool you, when you walk through the doors you will be amazed at the size of the space, with high ceilings, multi-level seating, cool booths to settle into and a stage that offers great views for the whole house to enjoy.



What is new or upcoming?

“We always aim to be progressive with what we are offering,” says Wowk. “The goal is to create a Bo’s-experience, whether that means here at the bar or in your home.” Favourite Bo’s flavours can now make an appearance in your kitchen! ‘Bo’s Quality Provisions’ include pantry items like dips, sauces and rubs.


You can also order individual or family-sized meals you simply heat up and serve, and why not add one of their ‘Home Bar Kits’ and whip up a drink like a seasoned pro. They have even thought of some health-conscious offerings like their ‘Immunity Boosters’ and ‘For Your Health, Meal Plans’. If that is not enough, they have also created an ‘Around the World, Meal Box Subscription’, prepared by their team, boxed and ready for you and yours to enjoy.


Brennen and the team at Bo’s Bar & Stage invite you in to enjoy their good time vibe and quality offerings. When the time comes, they hope you will join them for a concert or two, with your friends in tow to enjoy the full Bo’s experience.

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