Quaint Places – Diners

Customers in booths with black & white checkered floor
Queens diner with old red phone box outside

Queens Diner

When we think of diners, its breakfast all day, Diner-Style French Fries, going back in time and best of all, milkshakes. Diners originally started in Providence, Rhode Island in 1872 with Walter Scott’s horse-drawn lunch Wagon, then slowly morphed into the more prefabricated kind, long and narrow, with a streamlined appearance. Old railway or streetcars became popular as diners with tiled flooring, a “barrel Vault “ roofline and neon sign trim. Diner Lingo was also very popular in the past with many of the terms used being lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek and some even a bit racy or ribald, like Adam and Eve on a raft, Belly Warmer or Whiskey Down.

Starlite Diner looks like a old rail car with a ufo on top

Starlite Diner

In Red Deer’s Backyard, we have a few of these great eateries,  like the Queens Diner with its  50’s decor, vintage red phone booth, exceptional service, pies with rave reviews, all-day breakfast on Saturdays. Mom’s Diner, in Westpark, has incredible appeal with cool checkered flooring, booth-style seating, tableside jukeboxes and delicious milkshakes. Their sandwiches pay homage to some of the biggest stars like the Marilyn Monroe Grilled Cheese or the Elvis Presley Clubhouse, real classics.  Another unique diner just down the road is the Starlite Diner Car in Bowden. A converted railway dinner car, situated at the side of the road just off Highway 2. With its classic streetcar look and the UFO sitting atop their sign (are there aliens aboard?), this place has a lot of character. So, grab your family or a friend and take the time to check out these Quaint Diners as you bring a little piece of the past back in your life, Exploring Red Deer’s Backyard.

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