Michael O’Brien Wetlands

Fall leaves reflecting in a large pond with Canada Geese

For those who love to go walking and are looking for a short, easy, and picturesque walk, Michael O’Brien Wetlands in Clearview North would be a perfect choice. It is a 1.4km walking loop surrounded by ponds, paved trails, little bridges, and various plant life.

The colours are outstanding in the spring/summer, green with dense willows and cattails dominating the shorelines. If you’re a bird

Black dog in the snow with Christmas Decorations above

Christmas Decorations!

watcher, look no further, the ponds and vegetation attract many of our lovely, feathered friends, notably ducks, grebes and songbirds.

In the fall, the trees, with their magnificent oranges, yellows and reds, provide a stunning location for photographers and artists alike as they perfect their craft. Trails strewn with multicoloured leaves delight those seeking rest on the many benches provided throughout the park.

Sun setting over Red Deer with the look out

Michener look out

When its winter, you can find walkers, runners, and fat bikers enjoying the newly ploughed trails while cross country skiers and snowshoers explore the rest. The frozen winter ponds and frost covered trees provide a magical winter wonderland with the occasional Christmas bauble or garland as an adornment.

Michael O’Brien Wetlands a genuinely great park for all seasons, and if you have the time to check out Michener Hill just down the road for some magnificent sunsets over the city, you won’t be disappointed as we Explore Red Deer’s Backyard.

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