History Bites – We will Remember Them

The Cenotaph

Red Deer CenotaphMany a young soldier joined up from central Alberta, some came back, but others did not. The community of Red Deer felt the responsibility to commemorate these brave soldiers and their sacrifice; a memorial was then commissioned after the First World War. The Cenotaph was unveiled September 14, 1922, and remains standing in its original location in the middle of Red Deer’s busiest street (Ross Street) as a reminder to all who pass by. The Cenotaph was re-dedicated in 1949 in remembrance of those who served in the Second World War, and again in 1988, a plaque was also added to honour those who served in the Korean War. The area around the Cenotaph, known as Veterans Park, is now a well-loved gathering place in the heart of our city.



The Red Deer Armoury

Red Deer Armoury - present day

Red Deer Armoury – present day

You may be surprised to learn that there is a long history attached to the Red Deer Public Library’s, Children & Teen collections section. The building was initially built in 1914, to house the 35th Central Alberta Horse Regiment. As horses were used less and less in the war it was later changed to the 187th Battalion headquarters. Preseeding this stretch of local history, the building was then used as a recruitment and training centre, until the City of Red Deer purchased the building in 1961 and converted it into Fire Hall No. 1 for the next 30 years.

November 11 is Remembrance Day, take a moment and remember. Watch online at The National Remembrance Day Ceremony in Ottawa live on Facebook Wednesday, November 11, beginning at 8:45 am Mountain Standard Time.

Photo Credit: Red Deer Archives – Remembrance Day Service, November 11, 1954

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