Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery presents a Holocaust Survivors Testimony

Anne Frank Exhibit

As we remember those who have fought and died for us this Remembrance Day, we should also not forget the survivors, those who survived the atrocities of war and their effects on them and their families. The Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery, with their exhibit Anne Frank a History Today, reminds us of the importance of freedom, equal rights, democracy and the dangers of racism and discrimination. On November 10 -November 12, the Museum would like to present an online-only, pre-recorded presentation of a Holocaust Survivors Testimony with Sylvie Hepner, a second-generation Holocaust survivor. Diana Kalef from the Calgary Jewish Federation introduces Sylvie Hepner and these survivors’ necessity to tell their stories. Sylvie talks about her parent’s experience, and the video focuses on her Uncle Marcel’s first-person account of his survival during the Holocaust. Although he has now passed, Sylvie has continued to tell her uncle’s story to keep his memory alive and to remind us of the importance of eradicating racism.

This is an online-only presentation; while it is free to view, registration is required. You will receive an email with the link to view the presentation on November 10. The presentation will be available to view from November 10 through November 12, 2020.

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