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High Country Berries

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High Country Berries

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Berry picking, Orchard tour and conversation with owners. Come tour and learn about the orchard. Due to event gathering restrictions and space limitations, Albertans who plan to visit a host farm are required to book their spot online ahead of time. Farmzy, this year’s official online booking partner for Open Farm Days. Visitors can visit albertafarmdays.ca to browse this year’s offerings and book the experiences best-suited to them. Admission to farms is free, but there may be costs for some activities and many are cash only. It is recommended that visitors bring a cooler to store produce and other products. Visit albertafarmdays.ca for more information.

RR 1, Site 19, Box 1, Innisfail

Event Dates

Dates Times
August 15, 2020 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Venue Details

  • Address: RR 1, Site 19, Box 1, Innisfail, T4G1T6
  • Phone: 4037222088

16.4 west of Spruceview follow signs to farm

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