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Canada Day at Sylvan Lake

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Canada Day at Sylvan Lake

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Chalk Art by Rozzie Lee

Rozzie Lee will be activating both Centennial and Lakefront park with chalk art installations! Installations will be completed on Wednesday, June 30 and will be available for viewing on July 1!

Festive Balloons

Watch for a Canada Day balloon arch at the Varsity Hall art installation!

Colour Guard Flag Raising Ceremony

The Legion Color Guard will be marching from the West parking lot at the Municipal Government Building to the concourse and will be raising the flag at 2:00 PM.

Food Truck-a-Thon

Head over to Festival (50A) Street for 12 hours of eats and treats! Our Food Truck Thursday vendors will be serving up amazing food from 11 AM - 11 PM.


We're bringing back our annual Firework Spectacular display to celebrate Canada Day in Sylvan Lake! After sunset, spectators head to the beach and boaters to take to the water to watch this truly incredible fireworks display. The show begins at nightfall!
  • Spectators can watch from anywhere along Sylvan Lake Park
  • Please stay a minimum of 500 metres away from the firing zone on the pier

Event Dates

July 1, 2021
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